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Nuisance birds and pest birds, especially pigeons, grackles, and starlings, can keep your home or business environment from soaring. They nest in or near buildings, sometimes causing structural damage, especially to roofs and attics. They are unsanitary, and pigeons alone have been known to spread over 60 infections diseases to humans, including meningitis, encephalitis, and salmonella.

When pest birds nest and reside outside their natural habitats, their frequent droppings will frequently corrode surfaces and cause costly damage to paint, roofing, flooring, furniture, storage items, or business inventory. If left unmanaged, pest bird populations can significantly damage the property value of your home or the public image of your business.

Our Pest Bird Removal and Mitigation Process

Step 1: Pest Bird Inspection

We begin by performing a thorough inspection and examination of your home or workplace to evaluate possible conditions that create habitats that attract current and potential pest bird infestations, including problematic areas that create feeding, watering, roosting, and nesting locations.
Pigeons as Nuisance Birds in Scottsdale
Grackle Pest Bird

Step 2: Pest Bird Removal

Typically, we take a habitat modification approach, in which we deploy proven solutions such as chemical repellents and electric and physical barriers to discourage and prevent problematic nesting and roosting by pest birds.

Step 3: Pest Bird Prevention

We work with you to implement discreet, humane, and cost-effective measures to prevent bird populations in your area from becoming a future nuisance or health hazard, and we follow up periodically to ensure that our pest bird management solutions remain effective as bird populations change and migrate.
Starling Pest Bird

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Answers to Your Pest Control Questions

Experienced Experts

If you are looking for pest control experts in Arizona, you want to use an extermination company that is legitimate. We are fully licensed and insured.

Unlike some so-called experts, we don’t chase pest infestations around the country to make a quick buck. Instead, each member of our team lives right here in the Phoenix area and are highly trained and certified to exterminate all types of insects, bugs, rodents, and other pests native to Arizona from your home or business to prevent against further pest damage.

In addition to this, we have been in the pest control business for a considerable amount of time. Our experience has taught us what works best and what does not work well.

Quick Availability and Prompt Response

A good pest control company should offer fast service. While most companies are not, we, on the other hand, are always on call. You can call us during the day, at night, over the weekend, and even on holidays. We ensure that you have access to emergency pest control services regardless of the time or season.

When you give us a call, we respond immediately by coming to your location. Any emergency services can be provided to prevent further pest damage to your premises. Especially in cases of termite damage or bed bug removals, our prompt responses protect your health, limit pest damage, and shorten the time and costs of restoration.

Guaranteed Satisfaction

We take pride in every job and inspection that we perform. If you suspect that we missed something, we will come back and complete the job to the best of our ability.

Service Costs and Pricing

Most people ask how much pest control services cost. The average varies depending on the type of service that you need. We also consider the extent of the infestation, damage, and amount of insecticides, barriers, and traps needed to achieve long-term pest management goals. In general, a good rule of thumb is that if the extent of the infestation is not very severe, then the price will be cheaper and vice versa.

One precautionary tip is to avoid someone who claims to be a pest control specialist but whose prices are extremely cheap. While this might look attractive in the short term, you are probably contracting a quack that will disappoint you and force you to pay for services from an actual expert.

We offer fair, affordable, and competitive pricing for all of the services that we offer. You don’t have to suffer through problems with nuisance pests in Scottsdale, Paradise Valley, or Fountain Hills as we service your area!

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